Computer Motherboard Cooling Application

Computer motherboard cooling application

The best solution for the heat transfer medium between the motherboard IC on the computer mainframe and the heat sink or the outer casing is to use a thermal conductive silicone sheet. Compared with the conventional relatively traditional heat medium materials such as thermal silica gel, phase change and other materials, Lian Tengda Technology Co., Ltd. The high-quality thermal silica film produced by the company has advantages in thermal conduction on the motherboard IC. The raw materials of the thermal silica film produced by us are imported from Japan. The thermal silica film can be better compressed when used between the IC and the heat sink. And make the contact area larger. Thereby achieving the best thermal conductivity. Therefore, the thermal conductive silicone sheet is now widely used in the main IC. The thermal conductive silicone sheet can be cut according to the size or shape of the IC, and has good insulation, is very convenient to use, and has a slight viscosity on both sides. Just peel off the protective film and stick it on a smooth and clean surface.