Wireless Charging And Thermal Solution

Wireless charging and thermal solution

Wireless charging is a wireless charging technology that utilizes smart power transmission. Wireless charging technology breaks the traditional charging of the cable and improves the efficiency and convenience of charging. In the past 2017, the wireless charging of mobile phones has been widely recognized and the usage rate is also high. More and more high, once became the explosion of mobile phone charging industry, wireless charging due to its small size, the working temperature of internal electronic components is the primary need to be resolved, Shenzhen Union Tengda Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of wireless charging and thermal pad The heat-dissipating heat-dissipating material can provide a complete set of wireless charging and cooling solutions for the research and development of wireless charging. The following are examples of wireless charging disassembly and thermal application.

In order to make the heat dissipation efficiency better, the bottom of the wireless charging is generally an integrated metal material with an anti-slip mat, so that it can lay a good foundation for the heat dissipation of the internal electronic components, and can also have the effect of anti-slip and wear resistance.

Use the cymbal to pry the gap of the wireless charge along the edge to see the part of the inner coil, which includes the most concentrated part of the heat.

Therefore, a warm main probe is installed in the middle of the coil to ensure that the charger's operating temperature is within the safe temperature range.

The inner structure of the bottom case of the product can be seen by removing the screw of the metal substrate of the coil. The bottom case is made of metal and is the key to heat dissipation. The metal is used to better pass the heat inside the product through the bottom. The shell is conducted to the outside, allowing the internal operating temperature to be handled safely, thus delaying product life.

Since the circuit board connected to the bottom case is an electric wireless charging board, all the components are concentrated on one side of the PCB, and the circuit board is irregularly integrated, so there is no direct seamless connection with the bottom case, so A heat-conducting silicone sheet is required on the bottom case to fill the gap between the bottom case and the circuit board, so that the heat of the circuit board is more efficiently guided to the bottom case to dissipate heat, and can also function as an electromagnetic shield.